Women’s sports TV consumption

Excerpt from 'Women and Sport Report'

The percentage of women who watch football is significantly rising. It is noticeable that women aged 30 to 49 have the highest percentage of interest in sport. And two-thirds of them are at least a little interested in any sport. Subsequently, this age group will often be encouraging their children to participate in sport.

In general, women keep track of their sporting interests in much the same way as men with the internet and free-to-air TV being the most important media on a weekly basis. Across eight key markets women are more likely to be incorporating radio vs mobile, and free-to-air rather than Pay TV – and younger women are more focussed on internet and mobile apps.

When we compare media habits in the under-30 age group, however, we can see that internet and mobile behaviour is converging with fewer differences between men and women than older generations. The gap is not narrowing in Pay TV and thus reflects differences in the types of sports men and women are interested in and the way they can be accessed in different countries.


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