Repucom workshop lets IFs ‘take stock’ | SportAccord Convention 2016

Marco Nazzari | Repucom

Marco Nazzari, Chief Revenue Officer Europe

With Sport Accord in Lausanne, Switzerland now well and truly underway, Repucom will today be on hand to help federations at the event take stock and provide advice as part of the Federation Fitness Check. The workshop will start at 16:00-17:30 and include experts and representatives from international federations to examine five key pillars: fans, media, digital, competition and partnership.

Repucom will be on hand throughout the week, as Marco Nazzari explains how federations can benefit from Repucom’s expertise.

Interview with Marco Nazzari, Chief Revenue Officer Europe

Can you tell me a bit more about the MOT drop-in session Repucom is planning?

It’s a complex time to be an international sports federation, with all sorts of things to be thinking about – funding models, partner relations, participation levels, a rapidly changing media landscape, new technologies, more competition from other sports and forms of entertainment, and in some cases to change governance structures as a result. Our ‘fitness check’ is an opportunity for federations to take stock and examine many of these issues in detail and determine how they can best prepare themselves to meet the challenges of a changing world. We’ll also be joined this afternoon by representatives of several international federations who’ll share their experiences and discuss a few best practice examples.

What are the areas in which Repucom can help federations? What are the solutions Repucom can provide?

Repucom already works with many international federations in a variety of ways, providing commercial consulting and market research solutions, and social media valuation – all based around an independent source of demographic, attitudinal and behavioural data. Our truly global footprint allows us to draw on a wealth of industry experts and best practice tools and solutions required to support federations deal with the many complex challenges they often face in sport.

Broadly speaking, what do you believe are the main challenges facing federations, and what do they need to do to meet those challenges?

Many federations have a solid financial base – those with Olympic status benefit from funding from the International Olympic Committee and most have good commercial programmes already in place. But the biggest challenge is finding and then optimising the right strategy in a fast-moving world: the industry is full of talk about exciting new technologies, emerging markets and new broadcast models, but pinpointing the right options in all these areas requires careful evaluation and thought. We will be on hand throughout Sport Accord to discuss how we can help federations to increase the value of their commercial proposals. Ultimately, we’re here to hear from federations themselves. It’s all good and well for us to have a view, but what really matters is hearing direct from them about the issues they face and how as trusted advisers in sport and entertainment, we can help them deal with these them with bespoke and best practice solutions.

To what extent are federations becoming more open to assistance from companies such as Repucom?

We’re seeing international federations seek more information to better understand their audience, maximise commercial strategies and develop richer, deeper partnerships. This is part of the wider professionalisation of international federations around their commercial approach, governance structure and sport presentation.

What are Repucom’s main current areas of focus and what do you have in the pipeline over the coming months?

We’re continuing to work hard on building out our offering as part of our Connected Solutions approach. This includes further developing our global consulting capabilities to enable us to develop deeper, more integrated partnerships with rights holders, brands and broadcasters with the aim of helping them to maximise their commercial success.