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European Football 2016 - Dominating the sporting landscape

UEFA Euro 2016 is the 15th edition of the European Championships. France is staging the competition for the third time and it will be the biggest in the tournament’s history, with 24 teams playing 51 games in 10 stadiums across the country.

Like the FIFA World Cup, the European Championships have become landmark events in the calendar: staging them requires significant infrastructure investments, often including new and improved stadiums, and they present significant opportunities for sponsors and huge audiences for broadcasters.

  • The tournament ahead, including an in-depth case study with the Federation Française de Football, the host federation in 2016.
  • The sponsorship picture, including media consumption in key markets and examining the always intense battle for supremacy between Adidas and Nike.
  •  The key players, including the impact of winning – and when to maximise success – and a focus on Europe’s star performer, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Estimated Euro 2016 revenues

UEFA European Championship sponsorship revenues

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European Football 2016 | Paul Smith, Founder, Repucom

“FIFA World Cups and, as this summer, UEFA European Championships have become landmark events in their own right – staging them requires significant infrastructure, often including new and improved stadiums, and major investments in security and logistics – and guarantee huge coverage inside and outside Europe. Success or failure of a national team in a competition like UEFA Euro 2016 can impact upon the national morale and potentially generate an economic uptick.

With fan interest of competing countries at ’11 out of 10‘, significant media coverage and tapping into a wave of national fervour, these tournaments have inevitably held a magnetic attraction for sponsors – as partners of the event itself, of one of the competing teams and their national football association, or even as an advertiser or sponsor of broadcast coverage.

This report considers the national team landscape in European football, the opportunities for sponsors and players at UEFA Euro 2016 and beyond and the changing media habits of football fans across a continent where football continues to stand out from the crowd.”

Paul Smith | Repucom

Paul Smith
Founder Repucom

How football fans in Europe’s major markets consume sports info


Spain: 94.1%
Italy: 92.1%
UK: 92.1%
Germany: 91.9%
France: 90.6%


Spain: 92.5%
Italy: 89.4%
France: 89.2%

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Spain: 69.2%
Italy: 67.3%
UK: 63.1%

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