Research & Consulting

Our market-leading research techniques and global industry experts allow Nielsen Sports to deliver end-to-end custom consulting solutions that are meant to compete. Know more than the competition and cater more effectively to who matters.

Every play and every fan means something, and we feel the same way about information. Incorporating active and passive measurement strategies, we objectively present data and insights that matter to both rights holders and brands.

Understand the Nuances of your Business

Nielsen Sports quiets the noise for rights holders, bringing custom solutions that connect opportunities and value to address unique business challenges. Impartially presenting you options, our data makes you stronger.

Sponsorship & Media Packaging

Nielsen deconstructs large datasets to determine asset packaging and pricing strategies while also uncovering potential new assets with revenue-generating opportunities.

Sponsorship Targeting

The custom research category intelligence available through Nielsen identifies the advantages in the competitive arena of sponsorship and helps demonstrate these advantages to the most viable brand partners in ways others cannot.

Sponsorship Management

Comprehensive analysis of property impact on brand partners, creating positive transparency for renewal discussions.

Event Perception

Helps brand partners take experiential activations to new, crowd-pleasing levels by illustrating behavior and attitudes of event attendees based on movement patterns and on-site research.

Strategic Analysis for Brands

Helping position you for high scores by presenting trustworthy information that assists with prioritizing and optimizing investments.

Sponsorship Strategy

Similar to athletes using the appropriate gear for the game and conditions, Nielsen Sports helps you determine the value, timing, scale and location of potential investments to drive your objectives.

Sponsorship Tracking

Everyone wants to win. With the critical data, we help you identify sponsorship strengths, weaknesses and performance.

Sponsorship Returns

The Return on Sponsorship Investment model maps out the value generated per sponsorship to benchmark investments across your portfolio.

Impact Studies

The eternal question: Is it working? We deliver a clear picture to assess if the investments are making a positive impact on the brand.

Powerful Event Insights

Economic Impact:
Understand with confidence the full scope of event and economic impact on host communities.

Venue Naming Rights:
Tailor-made naming rights valuation and partner identification solution.