The 2019 Bahrain GP thrilled F1 viewiers throughout the world with lights to chequered flag excitement. First-time pole sitter Charles Leclerc pushed Ferrari’s partner brands exposure up with his 3rd place finish.

A higher share of coverage went to Ferrari as they benefited from the interest around a new young race winner. There is a real mix beyond just the ‘TV Pod’ view (traditional camera position above the helmet), with driver-facing cameras used to better capture the emotion and forces exerted on drivers.

The over-the-shoulder camera views also give a different perspective that is otherwise blocked by the halo, and the rear facing camera used to show closing speeds of cars behind.

In relation to this, teams have started to recognise the branding opportunities presented by these new camera angles, and since Australia have adjusted their strategies to ensure maximum exposure.

Onboard driver facing camera from Sky Sports F1 channel during the Bahrain GP

Nigel Geach SVP Global Motorsport, Nielsen Sports commented:

“The first two races in Australia and Bahrain demonstrated a unique opportunity for F1 sponsors with the new camera angles. As the season continues, we’re expecting to see teams make strategic changes to branding locations that will work in favour of their partners which will ultimately drive value and exposure further.


Nigel Geach
SVP Global Motorsport, Nielsen Sports