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The Inclusivity of the Olympic Games Is Key to Widespread Fan Appeal

Jul 14, 2021

Rising interest in women’s sport has yet to translate into media coverage and financial investment equaling men’s sports. But this year’s Summer Olympics has the opportunity to show brands and rightsholders just how high fan interest is in female sports globally. We know the Olympics is the world’s biggest sporting event, but it’s also one where fandom is nearly even among men and women. In addition to leveling the...

The Olympics Is the Biggest Platform for Gender Equality in Global Sports

Jul 7, 2021

The world of sports is not immune to gender bias, as evidenced by the notably lopsided coverage of women’s sports by the media and the disproportionate level of brand sponsorship spend allocated to men’s sports. This situation changes, however, during a two-week period every two years when the eyes of the world focus on the Olympics, the only global sporting event characterized by true gender parity. Unlike other events,...

Rapporto Sugli Esports in Italia 2021

Jun 24, 2021

Secondo il nuovo Rapporto sugli esports in Italia, sono 475 mila le persone che seguono quotidianamente eventi esports (avid fan) e circa 1.620.000 (+15% rispetto a Luglio 2020) se si considerano anche coloro che seguono un evento esports più volte a settimana (esports fan). Chi sono i fan degli esports in Italia? Principalmente uomini, di età media di 27 anni, con un livello d’istruzione e un reddito superiore alla media della popolazione....

Sports Betting: Who’s in and how much of an opportunity do they represent?

Jun 16, 2021

Turn on any live sporting event these days and you’ll likely see an abundance of ads during the commercial breaks enticing engaged fans to get in on the action by betting on various aspects of the games and matches they’re watching. Already a $154 million game in U.S. local TV spot advertising, online sports betting is the latest way that a handful of prolific gambling brands are tapping into...


Feb 15, 2021

The disruption and uncertainty that the global COVID-19 pandemic has created has been particularly harrowing for global sports, which is consequently changing the value of sponsorship. Yet as the health crisis remains a notable factor for most businesses and industries around the world, China’s economy was recovering broadly at the end of 2020, and that will bleed into the country’s involvement in sports sponsorships. A new wave of COVID-19...

English Post – Keep Empty

Nov 10, 2020

Sportsponsoren in Deutschland 2019/2020

Oct 27, 2020

Wie viel Geld fließt in den deutschen Sponsoringmarkt? Welche Marken investieren am stärksten ins Sponsoring? Welche Branchen engagieren sich besonders intensiv und welche Sportarten profitieren vom Investment der Unternehmen? Diese und weitere Fragen beantwortet die vierte Ausgabe der von Nielsen Sports durchgeführten Studie “Sportsponsoren in Deutschland”. Dafür analysierte Nielsen Sports über 9.100 Sponsoring-Engagements in über 50 Sportarten und liefert Ihnen die bisher umfassendste Übersicht über das aktuelle Geschehen im...

L’impatto del 2020 sulle Sponsorizzazioni

Oct 26, 2020

L’attuale pandemia ha generato una contrazione del mercato mondiale principalmente dovuta alle limitazioni delle interazioni fisiche e personali a cui fino ad ora si era abituati – sia nella vita privata che professionale.L’impatto sulle varie organizzazioni commerciali varia però’ a seconda del settore industriale; infatti mentre per alcuni settori come trasporti ed entertainment la crisi mondiale ha portato ad una profonda riduzione dei ricavi, per altri come Telecomunicazioni o...


Oct 12, 2020

LA LNR RENOUVELLE SA CONFIANCE A NIELSEN SPORTS POUR ACCOMPAGNER LES CLUBS PROFESSIONNELS DE RUGBY DANS LEUR ENJEUX STRATEGIQUES Paris, le 12 octobre 2020 – La Ligue Nationale de Rugby (LNR) et Nielsen Sports annoncent le renouvellement de leur collaboration débutée en 2016. Nielsen Sports, leader français et mondial des études et du conseil « data-driven » dédiés au sport, continuera d’accompagner la LNR et les 30 clubs de Top 14...

World Athletics Appoints Nielsen as Official Research Supplier

Sep 15, 2020

World Athletics has selected Nielsen, the global leader in sports intelligence, media measurement and research, as its Official Supplier of Consumer Market Research Services, for the next four years. This new collaboration will give World Athletics access to Nielsen’s comprehensive and cutting edge international research systems, which will deliver sports data and insights across both the sport and its World Athletics Series events, including the World Athletics Championships Oregon 2022...

SPOBIS Klima-Index powered by Nielsen Sports

Sep 14, 2020

Marktindex für das Sportbusiness Hamburg / Köln, 14. September 2020 – Jedes zweite Unternehmen im Sportbusiness bewertet die aktuelle wirtschaftliche Lage der Sportbranche als schlecht, 60 Prozent erwarten mittelfristig sogar eine weitere Verschlechterung. Das ist ein Kernergebnis des erstmalig von SPONSORs in Kooperation mit Nielsen Sports aufgelegten „SPOBIS Klima-Index“. Der SPOBIS Klima-index ermittelt ein aktuelles, marktbasiertes Stimmungsbild der Branche und analysiert das Geschäfts- und Konsumklima im deutschen Sportbusiness sowie die Erlösentwicklung in...

Nielsen Fan Insights Expands Coverage in Asia, Makes Fan Behavior Data Available for 26 Markets Worldwide

Sep 2, 2020

New Crosstab feature also gives rights holders, teams and brands flexibility to compare fandom characteristics across sports, teams or countries NEW YORK, September 2, 2020 – Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) has unveiled new enhancements to its breakthrough Fan Insights platform enabling even better visibility into the interests, media consumption behaviors, brand attitudes and purchasing habits of sports fans around the world. Expanded country coverage and new reporting capabilities including enhanced...

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