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With Fewer Fans at Stadiums, Brands are Shifting Their Sponsorship Strategies to Digital

Apr 29, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic and limitations on fan attendance at live events has created a new sponsorship reality. Brands are adjusting how they activate their partnerships, and digital platforms have become the front runner in the market. Social media and other online platforms have become the primary vehicles to deliver a powerful virtual event experience and are unlocking new opportunities to connect with fans from afar. As the digital dimension...


Apr 16, 2021

Earlier this month, Major League Baseball (MLB) announced it would move its 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta in protest of Georgia’s new restrictive voting laws. And MLB wasn’t the only organization to react to the new legislation. Atlanta-based brands Coca-Cola and Delta—both heavy sports sponsors—also came out in opposition. The positions these brands are taking are reflective of a broader trend we’re seeing across the sports industry, particularly...

Covid-19’s Impact on Sport Media Rights and the Commercial Sport Landscape

Aug 3, 2020

Digital Sport’s Rupert Pratt and Thomas Smith recently sat down with Nielsen Sports Managing Director for the UK & Ireland, Spencer Nolan, to discuss Covid-19’s impact on sport media rights and the commercial sport landscape. With the news that fans won’t be present at live events until October at the earliest, and even then, with a reduced capacity, Nolan believes that understanding the remote fan is key to surviving...

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