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The Inclusivity of the Olympic Games Is Key to Widespread Fan Appeal

Jul 14, 2021

Rising interest in women’s sport has yet to translate into media coverage and financial investment equaling men’s sports. But this year’s Summer Olympics has the opportunity to show brands and rightsholders just how high fan interest is in female sports globally. We know the Olympics is the world’s biggest sporting event, but it’s also one where fandom is nearly even among men and women. In addition to leveling the...

Sports Fans are Looking to Sports Leagues and Athletes to Support Social Causes

Jun 28, 2021

As consumers continue seeking more from brands than just products and services, the premise of brand promise has grown increasingly central to many core business strategies. And as brands look to showcase their individual promises, U.S. sports fans should be a key audience. In addition to being extremely engaged with sports content, sports fans are passionate about social causes, with animal welfare and equal opportunity slotting in as the...

Sports Betting: Who’s in and how much of an opportunity do they represent?

Jun 16, 2021

Turn on any live sporting event these days and you’ll likely see an abundance of ads during the commercial breaks enticing engaged fans to get in on the action by betting on various aspects of the games and matches they’re watching. Already a $154 million game in U.S. local TV spot advertising, online sports betting is the latest way that a handful of prolific gambling brands are tapping into...

How the World’s Biggest Sports Properties Engaged Fans in 2020

May 19, 2021

The connection between fans and sports is a continually evolving relationship, with new trends and dynamics developing every year. Many of the largest global sports entities have been at the forefront of building their fan bases and actively engaging them to develop a natural and mutually beneficial conversation. Fans around the world expect more content and new ways to access their favorite events. Sports entities have responded by creating...


Apr 16, 2021

Earlier this month, Major League Baseball (MLB) announced it would move its 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta in protest of Georgia’s new restrictive voting laws. And MLB wasn’t the only organization to react to the new legislation. Atlanta-based brands Coca-Cola and Delta—both heavy sports sponsors—also came out in opposition. The positions these brands are taking are reflective of a broader trend we’re seeing across the sports industry, particularly...

Quarterbacking Positive Change Through Sports

Jul 29, 2020

When history is set, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the Star-Spangled Banner back in 2016 to protest reported police brutality and oppression against people of color, it will be viewed as a key moment in the long fight for racial equality in the U.S. Almost four years later, as tensions around racial injustice couldn’t be higher, the sports industry remains a key arena for activating...

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