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How the World’s Biggest Sports Properties Engaged Fans in 2020

May 19, 2021

The connection between fans and sports is a continually evolving relationship, with new trends and dynamics developing every year. Many of the largest global sports entities have been at the forefront of building their fan bases and actively engaging them to develop a natural and mutually beneficial conversation. Fans around the world expect more content and new ways to access their favorite events. Sports entities have responded by creating...

Covid-19’s Impact on Sport Media Rights and the Commercial Sport Landscape

Aug 3, 2020

Digital Sport’s Rupert Pratt and Thomas Smith recently sat down with Nielsen Sports Managing Director for the UK & Ireland, Spencer Nolan, to discuss Covid-19’s impact on sport media rights and the commercial sport landscape. With the news that fans won’t be present at live events until October at the earliest, and even then, with a reduced capacity, Nolan believes that understanding the remote fan is key to surviving...

F1 draws 13.63m UK viewers for first three 2020 races

Jul 31, 2020

Formula One’s UK viewership for live racing and highlights surpassed 13.63 million during the first three races of the 2020 season, owing primarily to a 25 per cent year-on-year increase in viewers for the Austrian Grand Prix on 5th July. The figures, compiled by Nielsen, show that the race drew just over 4.8 million viewers compared to the 3.84 million accrued during the 2019 edition, marking the highest UK...

What Traditional Sports and Individual Athletes Will Have Learned From Esports

Jul 30, 2020

How traditional sports and associated brands will continue to use esports to engage with fans and TV audiences Esports are receiving a significant increase in mainstream media coverage, accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdown of more traditional sports. For example, mainstream outlets in the UK, such as the BBC Sport, Sky Sports and BT Sport have all broadcast esports on their main channels in the last few...

Premier League club partners can expect to receive up to £2m in global value per match

Jun 22, 2020

Nielsen has analysed branding opportunities afforded to clubs and their partners on netting in the lower tiers of stadia across the main value-driving media platforms, linear TV, OTT and to a lesser degree, social media. The analysis is based on pre-COVID coverage and viewing behaviours and represents value delivered to partners should the status quo remain. Nielsen’s Whitespace Valuation service provides systematic analysis of in-stadium spaces to help determine...

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