Digital Sport’s Rupert Pratt and Thomas Smith recently sat down with Nielsen Sports Managing Director for the UK & Ireland, Spencer Nolan, to discuss Covid-19’s impact on sport media rights and the commercial sport landscape.

With the news that fans won’t be present at live events until October at the earliest, and even then, with a reduced capacity, Nolan believes that understanding the remote fan is key to surviving and thriving as the pandemic continues to slow down the global sports economy.

In this interview, we go into detail on a whole range of topics including:

  • Nielsen Sports’ reaction to Covid-19
  • How the pandemic has caused an acceleration in the shift towards digital
  • Increased collaboration between clubs and partners
  • The difficult conversations between rights holders and partners around compensation for lack of return on investment
  • The importance of understanding the remote fan
  • The adaptation of new digital inventory across the industry
  • Nielsen Sports’ Whitespace Valuation Service
  • The recovery process, including; winners and losers, the digital landscape and Covid-19’s legacy

To read the full interview, please click here.