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Die Stärke von Partnerschaften in Sport und Entertainment

Jun 21, 2021

Seit über einem Jahr hat die Covid-19-Pandemie das öffentliche Leben fest im Griff. Massiv betroffen von diesen Entwicklungen ist auch die Sport- und die Entertainment-Branche. Eine Branche, die in großen Teilen von Vor-Ort-Zuschauern lebt – sowohl atmosphärisch als auch wirtschaftlich – und pandemiebedingt wenn überhaupt nur noch medial konsumierbar ist, ringt gegenwärtig nach alternativen Handlungsoptionen, um unter Einhaltung der gesetzlichen Vorgaben zu überleben. Damit fungiert die Pandemie in Teilen...

European Football Jersey Report

Nov 20, 2020

Sponsorship investment in football jerseys continues to skyrocket. Since 2017, we’ve seen 48% volume growth in jersey sponsorship in the top European football leagues. That growth is also coming from investment outside of Europe. 47% of the jersey sponsorship volume of top European leagues comes from brands outside Europe. Nielsen’s European Football Jersey Report provides in-depth sponsorship data across all the top European leagues, including Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga,...

Premier League club partners can expect to receive up to £2m in global value per match

Jun 22, 2020

Nielsen has analysed branding opportunities afforded to clubs and their partners on netting in the lower tiers of stadia across the main value-driving media platforms, linear TV, OTT and to a lesser degree, social media. The analysis is based on pre-COVID coverage and viewing behaviours and represents value delivered to partners should the status quo remain. Nielsen’s Whitespace Valuation service provides systematic analysis of in-stadium spaces to help determine...

America’s Pastime Looks to the Future by Reaching New Audiences

Mar 26, 2019

As the frost clears and flowers begin to bloom, the “boys of summer” are back in business. Major League Baseball (MLB) is celebrating its 150th year and boasts more than 170 million fans in the U.S. and 10 million in Canada, according to Nielsen Sports Sponsorlink. MLB also had the highest average percentage of fans who’ve attended a game in 2018, according to Nielsen Scarborough research. “One of the...

Formula 1 revs up with audience increase across the world

Mar 25, 2019

New year, new success – Formula 1 revs up with audience increase across the world! The F1 2019 season has started in Melbourne beginning a 21 race programme. First encouraging results show the local market Australia increased TV audiences by 9%, the USA reported a three times growth helped by a change of broadcast platform and 34% increase was seen for the mature market of Brazil. Europe maintained static...

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