Uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated shifts in the way sports rights holders sell sponsorships and how brands make sponsorship investments and activate partnerships. New sponsorship entrants, new channels and new consumer necessities will impact key sports sponsorship value and call for enhanced measurement methodologies.

Jon Stainer, Nielsen Sports Manager Director, and Adweek’s VP Event Partnerships, Matt Steinmetz, took the Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit stage to discuss key trends that are driving the changing value of sports sponsorship, how sports sponsorship value is evolving, and why having a clear understanding of ROI across channels and over time is business imperative.

Tune into the on-demand session below to hear more about:

  • Why sponsorship investment decisions must start and end with the customer
  • How purpose and community will continue to grow in importance for sponsorship buyers
  • Why brands can expect sales to be an essential and measurable driver of future sports partnerships in both the short and long term